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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

For the love of Chicken

we went to Nando's on Sunday. Or at least some people did. With the suggestion of heading for lunch on your own before a walk, everyone scattered everywhere, with some staying around for choir practice, some grabbing some fish and chips, and lots taking a little drive to Castlepoint for some serious chicken munching. 

The poor people in Nando's seemed a tad confused by the large group that turned up rather hungry, but they were very nice, gave us a couple of tables and left us to it. Probably wise. 

The last few days have been pretty great, with Phatfish performing on Friday night. The crowd was made of a wide variety of people of all different ages and whilst perhaps not the usual group of people you might expect at a gig, it was all the better for it, demonstrating the diversity of the church, and the many ways you can worship God. Loud music, some nice lighting and the sound of Lou Fellingham? A roaring success I believe!

With the weekend upon us I gather that lots of people began a little Christmas shopping, enjoyed the market in Bournemouth town centre and people are well and truly into the festive spirit, mince pie eating and all. Basia and Hazel celebrated their birthday on Saturday evening, and lots of people were out and about for that. Happy Birthday to the both of you by the way!

Sunday morning saw a great exposition on Luke 23 titled 'Four Characters of the Crucifixion'. Guy Miller expanded on the various people that were involved in crucifying Christ, and the various things we can observe and learn from them. If you missed it, it's available on the Citygate Church website for your listening pleasure!

All of you students appear to be hard at work as the term draws to a close, so several faces were missing most of the weekend, and miss you we did. Still, uni work is important and we salute you for getting on with it! Hope it's going well, and we look forward to enjoying your company when you're free of all of those assignments. 

I wasn't able to make PPP last night so someone definitely needs to fill me in with what you all got up to, no doubt God was there and it was wonderful! Still, nosy me would love some details so do indulge me. 

Tonight, if you're a fresher, or a brand new face and female you're invited to an exciting event called Ready Steady Cook. We're hoping to cook some wonderful food but it all depends on the ingredients you bring. Hopefully our creativity won't end up poisoning everyone! 

The BIG THING though is HE WILL BE CALLED. If anyone was around last year for He Came Down, you'll know the kind of quality we're going for. Last year saw people giving cardboard testimones - something a little like this:

And this year we're looking to do things just as well. It's aimed at the Students & Twenties age group which means YOU! So, your job is to be there. To make sure you're listening. And invite as many guests as you can find between now and Sunday night at 7pm. We've got good news, and we need to tell it to a broken, hurting generation who desperately need some hope. 

An even better plan is to invite lots of people to cook and share lunch in the afternoon, and then take everyone to church in the evening! Check out 'Festive Feasting' on Facebook.

If there is anyone around who's willing to help serve refreshments, please email me as we desperately need a big team as we're expecting hundreds of people! 

In other news, if you're not serving in the church then you really need to be. It's a great way to meet people, and it's what we're taught to do. To sign up, click here:

Lots of love, and excitement about the coming week. 

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