Citygate Students and Twenties exists to see radical, faith filled believers equipped to live a life that is drastically counter-culture, but extends immensely powerful love and compassion to the world around them.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

New arrivals and the blessing of Citygate

This weeks weather in Bournemouth has been the best of the year yet! Can't believe this must be the first time in history that the summer holidays has coincided with the start of the sunny spell! - Brilliant!
Apart from the glorious weather (which is due to change from the weekend - so make the most of it!) it's a real treat to still see a new flood of visitors and guests through our doors on a Sunday morning. I have been speaking with a few people last week, and happened to speak to some people who know Citygate in a "professional" context and it was amazing to hear how Citygate has had such a positive impact on their lives - even though they haven't even been to a Sunday morning meeting yet! I love the fact that Citygate isn't about 100 year old church walls, but is about living, real people just trying to be a bit more like Jesus day-by-day. It's my privilege to be a part of this story, and if you're part of the Citygate family, I trust it's a blessing to you as well.

We've been scratching our heads this week about how we can help welcome the 600 new students arriving right next to our new building, and we've got some ideas about how we can help them all feel really welcome. So far we're thinking it's going to be great to help them actually move in and unload their cars when they arrive one weekend in mid September - but if you've got any ideas to throw in the mix, or seen something done elsewhere, why not drop me a line: 

Ps. Apologies for not writing in a while. Promise I'll write more :-)