Citygate Students and Twenties exists to see radical, faith filled believers equipped to live a life that is drastically counter-culture, but extends immensely powerful love and compassion to the world around them.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Love never fails

Well it's been over a month since the last blog, but that's because there's been a lot going on, and lot's to talk about! So what's been happening?

Well, the building project for The Citygate Centre continues strong, and as the builders are finishing off the initial build stage over the next month or so, it's exciting to think we're actually not that far away from getting in there ourselves and meeting in a brand-spanking-new building which serves us and the community even better! Last night at the leaders meeting, someone even started praying for an even bigger building! :-) I guess we're not called to sit and rest once it's up, and if were honest the new building is actually a bit scary for most of us (me included) but we know God has been faithful 100% of the time, and despite the daily challenges we've faced with this project - He still remains true to His promises to Citygate Church. That's something to smile about on a Wednesday morning.

We're continuing to have new people not only joining us (and coming from all over the region, as well as from all over the world!) but wanting to go deeper and commit to the vision and values of Citygate as we welcome new family into membership. Such an honour to be part of a family who highly value the authority of scripture, love what The Holy Spirit does in our lives, and prioritise  The Poor (in every sense of the word) in their daily lives. You guy's are some of the most loving and compassionate guys I have ever met - whether it's from chatting to an "outsider" who pops in late on a Sunday morning, to bringing a drunk guy sat on the bench outside a cup of coffee on a Monday night. That's love, and you know what? Jesus sees every single act of kindness.

I talked a bit on Monday night at PPP about The Love of God, and how we need to be motivated by nothing else apart from the very Love of God, demonstrated with the coming of Jesus Christ and how He changes us, transforms us, and equips us (by His Spirit) to be the Church we are called to be. Acts 2v42+ gives us a prime example of how we should "do" Church, and I love the way there's a togetherness, a unity, a brotherhood, and a submission to leadership - it just feels right that we're moving into this more each day.

Saturday night at Five Smooth Stones was pretty epic as well. Sam shared a passionate, and heart heart felt and biblical approach to how we are motivated to live in purity. Sam's talks here so if you want to re-listen, I highly recommend it!

If you're stuck in the proverbial exam/revision hell at the moment, hang in there. I know this time can be exciting for some as you finish off course units, but absolutely suck for others. It's a weird time of year when the weather's nearly getting warmer, you don't see some people for massive chunks of time, and then before you know it, summer's arrived and everyone's here, there and everywhere. If you're in the place that sucks, don't do it alone - at least do it with mates. For me, it helped getting together with others because it felt like we could all suffer at least together, and lashings of tea and cakes from Bennett's bakery in Winton always made it a little easier. Just be disciplined and don't spend 2 hours talking about what happened in Hollyoaks last night before you open your books!

And for the rest of us non-students, I hope works going well (or whatever you're laying your hands to) but keep investing in our younger brothers and sisters - you're so important in building this community to be the gloriousness it's called to be. Mobilise is one way of doing that if you're available: 10-13th April, for students and twenties. 
Have a cracker!