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Friday, 12 November 2010

Worship, Pizza and Friends!!!

Now I've got your attention with some things you may be familiar with (and what we'll be doing on Sunday - check out Facebook) I'd like to introduce something that you may not be quite so aware of, but is definitely more important than pizza, shocking I know...

Why choose Citygate? What are we about? What do we believe? Where do we think we're going? and a really big one, what does it mean to be part of Citygate Church? As believers, we're all called to be committed to a local church.This means attending regularly, building community, serving and reaching out (in short). This Sunday (14tth) and next (21st), we'll be running Why Citygate. This is the church membership course which allows you to find out more about our vision and values, and some of our key beliefs. 

Some of you may have decided that you love Citygate (hopefully most of you!) and are going to stick around If that's the case, attending this course is absolutely vital, which is why I'm making a bit of a song and a dance and trying to get people to go. If we want to see the church built, and a people on fire for God, it's important to know what you're fighting for, to be under the leadership of our elders, and to be serving the church in any way you are able. 

Why Citygate will give you the chance to meet some of our elders, get to know them and see where they're coming from. In a church of our size, sometimes it can be easy to feel lost - don't allow that to happen.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, we'd love to see you finding out what we're all about. Don't stay on the edges, get right to the heart of the church, become equipped and make a difference to our town.

So, make sure to click 'attending' on the FB event page, and I'll see you Sunday!
With lots of love on this grey day.
Vicki x

PS - you can head to the Lynton Court for a drink with all of the lovely students and twenties on Sunday night after Why Citygate has finished. See you there!

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