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Monday, 22 November 2010

A really great album

in my opinion... 

So, aside from my music recommendations, no doubt you want to hear all about the amazing fun that has been had over the last few days??

Ah, okay, I'll indulge you then, I'm just that nice. 

Saturday night was part 2 of our Pure Hedonist series, that we're covering Five Smooth Stones, which is our monthly worship and teaching event. Lights were low, worship was beautifully powerful with Andy Flood leading and lots of other talented people with him. 

Dave Ashley set up some art points for people to get creative, and we spent a good 45minutes just worshipping God. Not a bad way to spend your Saturday evening. Then came the really intense part. 

Andrew Lawrence brought a talk called 'XXX Church'; this was a frank discussion on Pornography. 
I can almost hear you asking, did we really talk about pornography in church? You bet we did. We want to tackle the issues that people struggle with because God cares about every single aspect of your lives. 

People were able to text anonymous questions in to have them answered, so we had an interactive session which was hopefully really helpful. The whole evening was fantastic, and God definitely showed up. If you missed it, sorry to say, you did miss out. Still, we've got one more of the 'Pure Hedonist' series coming up after Christmas so keep an eye out!!

Sunday morning saw Martin Flood preaching a great message, and then we headed to O'Neill's for some yummy lunch, once again causing lots of chaos and noise with the large numbers of us. Can't wait to see it get even bigger, as we add new friends to the group.
The rest of the afternoon consisted of various people doing various things.
Some saw Harry Potter. Some did uni work. Some attempted to do uni work and didn't get very far. Some had a nap. Some went to Becky's house and watching Finding Nemo.

Hopefuly all had a great time.
In the evening, there was a Regional Celebration in Winchester which lots of people travelled up for, as well as the normal Why Jesus and Why Church courses.

You definitely can't say you didn't have many, many options to occupy you last night. Citygate has got to be one of the busiest places around!

So, I hope after a great weekend, people are heading off to work with a skip to their step after spending time with God, and with friends. Tonight will be PPP in the Shaw Suite at 7.45pm, so why not skip there, share some tea and coffee and perhaps a testimony of what God has done for you, as we gather for prayer, praise and the prophetic.

Phatfish is THIS Friday so make sure you get your tickets. Like live music? Tickets are only £6 for concessions (ie students) and £8 for adults. Check Phatfish out here!

Lots of love on a chilly Movember day.

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