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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Has anyone else lost their digits?

...and I don't mean numbers...
Now don't get me wrong, I do love a sunny winter morning. When the sun rises slowly, frost covers the ground and you can see your breath in the air, it's all very quaint and rather beautiful. However, in true British style I'm going to have a little moan about pathetic shoes that mean you lose your toes. 

For anyone who has bad circulation, or doesn't own gloves (or socks for that matter) you'll empathise - winter is not for you. I'm normally someone who walks around bare foot all summer, so winter is always a little bit of a shock. I'm in eager anticipation of the return of summer and all things warm. I think it may be a long time coming...Can you believe Christmas is only a month away?? That means only 30 odd days to prepare for the chaos, tinsel and turkey that for most, Christmas inevitably brings. 

Anyway, for now, I'm going to be thankful that I'm not here: 

and I'm able to sit in a nice warm office. I think cake is being delivered sometime soon too. I hope that you are just as fortunate!

Tomorrow is Phatfish, which I can't really rant and rave about enough. Live music, what can I say, it's going to be amazing! AND in only 10 DAYS we've got 'He Will Be Called' which is going to be an incredible Christmassey, Media filled, God glorifying evening, with lots of mulled wines and mince pies after. YUM! Last year was astounding, so this year is set to be even better.

If you want to look far into the future, start thinking about Burns Night as we celebrate all things Scottish with a nice elegant meal, some haggis and some Scottish poetry. (January 25th for those of you with busy lives and diaries!)
 And if you want to look even further into the future, start booking In Bude. If you don't, I'm going to steal the best house, and leave you camping at the beach.

Well perhaps not, but it'd be good to get booked in ASAP. If you don't know who you want to share a chalet with, message me and I'll put my thinking cap on and arrange some things for you.

Okay, so cake is still yet to arrive, but I am quite happy due to the wonderful weekend I know we're going to have. Check out the event page on Facebook for lunch details. In fact, if you'd like to reply to the billion event  invites we send out that'd be loverrrly as then we can get organising.

Much Love
Vicki x

PS If it does snow, a spontaneous event involving a snowball fight at Meyrick Park will be organised.

PPS Can I recommend a Random act of Kindness to you all. Buy your friends a coffee, or some flowers, or pick someone up from the train station, or surprise someone by leaving dinner on their doorstep. I reckon that'd be seriously appreciated, and make you feel pretty great too.

I finally will stop babbling. I blame the cold. x

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