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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Mangoes and Mean Girls

So, although by default of gender, half of you couldn't make it, the fresher girls had a great time last night creatively cooking, chatting and watching a film. 

For those of you who've been around a bit you may notice that there have been rather a few new faces over the last couple of months, and a large number of these have been girls. So, hopefully helpfully, some of us got together last night to do 'ready, steady, cook'. Everyone brought two ingredients, something fairly normal and something a little bit more crazy... these ranged from rice, to curry, to jelly, to potatoes, to leeks etc...

Our task was to cook a delightful dinner out of the variety of ingredients before us. Chaotic? A little... Lots of fun? I think so! We ended up with huge amounts of pasta and rice, as well as a yummy chicken, bacon, creamy tomatoey cheesy sauce, and some potato and chickpea curry with mango. We may not be as talented as Delia Smith, but we certainly cooked ourselves a treat.

With food in our bellies and chocolate in hand we sat down to watch Mean Girls, and no, the evening wasn't as cheesy and girly as it sounds. In fact, you could almost have called us civilised! 

Now I can't speak for the boys, but I have heard rumours of early morning prayer meetings and Wednesday breakfast. Pester James and I imagine he'll be all too happy to tell you more!

We believe it's really important to build close friendships. We're not about surface level 'hi, hello, how was your week?' although obviously we love to ask those questions. We want to see a community of students AND twenties gathering to care for each other in love, to enjoy friendship and to encourage one another. 

We're hoping it doesn't feel as if we're running lots of events for new students, because, just to let you know, you twenties...we love you too. And in fact, we love what you bring; your willingness to get stuck in, your wisdom and obviously the way which you look out for each other. Do take the chance to get to know some of the newer people. You may not naturally gravitate outside of your comfort zone, but take it from me, they're worth knowing, and I don't doubt that you have much to offer them as brothers and sisters in Christ. 

With that nice little message and an update for the day, I'm off to finish putting up the Christmas decorations in the office! Enjoy this rather freezing but festive day! December is HERE! Woop!

Lots of love to you lovely people!

Vicki x

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