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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Easter week of Pasion

The FeastThis has been an incredible start to the Easter celebrations, with last nights "Feast" an incredible way to connect back with The God who took it all, so that I didn't have to. Last night was really quite special. The lights were dimmed low, the hall was full of a circle of feast tables and surrounding people, and the centre filled with a blaze of candles. It was a welcomingly soft and gentle atmosphere, something which I think was much needed. I was relaxed and it was very precious.
I loved to spend time forgetting who I was, all my thoughts so often caught up with me; but instead feeling like a little child again reaching out to my Father. I just loved it, arms wide open as the embrace of my Father took me up, and told me not to worry, it'll be alright. Precious. 

What a God-Father we have!?!
I think this week (and life in general) can be a bit like the weather. Right now it's blazing sun outside, just a few hours ago it was grey, bleak and chilly. OK so we live in England, I get that, and you've got a point. But life does have blazing moments of glory, and then just moments later - the issue, the problem, the thought, the pain, the memory, it just comes flooding back and it's as if we'd forgotten who we were praising just moments before. I think satan loves that. he loves telling us we're not good enough, and that we're a plain sighted failure. And guess what, I guess he's right. We are. But like all lies, there's truth mixed in. Truth at the heart of it, and when satan comes whispering, the truth to remember is that actually that bit doesn't matter. Because although you once we're a failure, the one who judges doesn't judge by your standards any more, but instead judges you by Jesus'. Now that's good news, and should make you smile from ear to ear.

Why not use this week to re-connect with God. Spend some moments in silence, go for that walk with God you've been saying you'll do, or take time out from work, studies or revision to make Him your number 1 priority again.
I'd encourage you to get along to any one of the Passion gatherings this week, really valuable time to re-focus on the grace of the Cross and the marvellous splendour of Jesus Christ.

Tonight: The Cup: 7.30pm in the Hall
Thu: Prayer: 7-8am in the Shaw Suite
Fri: Good Friday Praise & Picnic: 11am in the hall 
Sun: Celebrations: 9.30/11.30am