Citygate Students and Twenties exists to see radical, faith filled believers equipped to live a life that is drastically counter-culture, but extends immensely powerful love and compassion to the world around them.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


This weekend was a special one in many ways; it was the one of the joyful welcome dinner, as well as a fruitful So Who Am I training day. Both events played part of a crazy couple of days - with Word Plus training, baptisms and membership welcoming. All jammed into 48hours of God loving, heart warming time together in community. It was great!

Adam's baptism on Sunday night was pretty special, marking an incredible decision to follow Christ and die to self. just incredible for us to think that amongst all the chaos that our generation has in it (think London Riots), there is a new generation taking a stand and becoming members of a family who commit and take responsibility for each other. It's just amazing to think that a community in Bournemouth is taking strides to support one another through life, even in midst of busyness and difficulties. I take my hat off to you guys :-)

It's really exciting to think how we can each support one another as well, and that the one-anothering talked about in Romans 14 is for everyone who is part of Gods family. I know at Citygate we like to talk about discipleship and too often we think its about confessing our deepest pains and hurts and making ourselves look bad in front of others. So often we try and do it and prove that we're not screwed up, and think to be loved is to be known fully, but were always going to fail and screw up because we're human. Religion says obey, do good things, then you'll be accepted; but the gospel says you've already been accepted because of what He's done for you, and that's why we obey. With gratitude and love. And that's where the freedom comes from, that's when the trials and worries and stresses fall away and we become free in the light of life, closer to God and being friends with Jesus daily. This song sums it up pretty nicely I feel. If you want be part of a family that commits to on-another, then you'd be welcome to look in on us. Maybe you've been looking in over the last couple of months, so it's good to come to a decision place when you're ready - but I'd encourage anyone to get into the family as soon as you can, otherwise you're just spending time missing out! email me, or any of the team if you want to get more plugged in, we're SO keen to help you get connected better!

And now for the MEN - guys we love you and want to serve you and see you grow and lead and be all that God has powerfully called you to be. I want to say you are called to be men who lead, who serve, who support others, who conquer strongholds, who help people get straight, who stand by friends in a tough place, who look after the vulnerable, who don't quit when it gets hard, who doesn't quite when it hurts, who value the things that matter, who support women, who fight injustice, who care for the poor, who give freely, who love beyond human understanding, who devote themselves to pure lives, to be radical when the tide is going against you, and a man who value's his relationship with Jesus above all others and all things. My question is - is that you? And if it is, are you living up to what you believe? Now I am sick and tired of people telling us men that we need to "step up" but are we guys really helping ourselves? Wouldn't it be daft to struggle through all the messes of life, get to the end of it, and suddenly when we're standing next to Jesus - only then does it suddenly click and we get it. What a waste.
But you and I both know in our heart that we've got something else going on, we know truly that there's another agenda, another war to fight, another personal battle to conquer and another Kingdom to make famous. We sometimes need the challenge set before us, but if we're honest - we know the only way for things to change is if we actually get on the horse. We can be shown to the horse, given the sword and the plan drawn out; but it's actually only US who can summon up the courage to make the decision and get on the horse. Our friends and leaders should help us, but we have that tiny decision to make, but with big consequences. I want to say to all guys reading this that there are fellow guys ready to stand by you in the midst of your storm, but you need to call for help, it's your decision; but I can guarantee that if you choose correctly you won't be let down. Life with Jesus is pretty exciting - scrap that, it should be THE most exciting way to live life; so even if you don't know what you need to do to respond, just respond, somehow, but to the right person. I am well up for standing alongside any guy who wants to do something, but doesn't quite know what or how - so drop me a line if that's you: 

(FYI for the ladies - Alex is the right person to drop a line to: :-)

Well I never thought that I would be talking about Christmas, but actually it's just round the corner -eks! Time to start the present list and decide what to buy friends and family this year, but actually there's more to it than that - Christmas starts this year on Sun 4th Dec at the All Coloured In carol service. It's one of my favourite events of the year, because I know it's always special. There's usually a great buzz, the room smells of cinnamon from the mulled wine and I start to feel all festive. It's pretty special, and I know that it's just the start of the season; so there's a good 6 weeks of Christmasy-ness still to come! Start inviting friends if their the type that need to plan ahead, or wait for the flyers to come out shortly and you'll be asked to stick them through all your neighbours doors.

Enjoy the rest of the week guys & gals, don't forget 5 Smooth Stones on 19th and Cafe29 on 26th Nov. They're going to be great nights!