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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Back with a bang

So it's happened, 2010 has left us, and we're now living in 2011 (which if you ask me, sounds like some sort of futuristic time where we should really all have spaceships and hover boards!)

Still, things are definitely under way, and with many of our students returning to Bournemouth, and our twenties heading back to work, it's about time we got out of the Christmas sleep and got busy. 

This year is going to be the year of the 'big ask', that means asking God for the biggest things you can think of...the kind of thing you could ask your best friend and they'd say 'not on your nelly' (or some equivalent.) I don't really mean houses, or cars, or a new pair of shoes, we're looking to seek God to bring about a change in our town, our nation and across the world. We want to see the Kingdom of God coming to Bournemouth, so that means we've gotta get praying.

PPP is back on Mondays at 7.45pm for us to get together as friends and spend time with God. These are wonderful times that should stir you and shape you. Get along as often as you can.

If you were around on Sunday, Russell brought a brilliant sermon on community, and how small groups are the answer to loneliness, and many other needs we see in the church. Therefore, get yourself in one, or actually attend the one you're a part of! We love our cell groups, and if you need help with finding one, drop me a message and I'll be all too happy to sort you out.

This Saturday is going to be the third part of our Five Smooth Stones, Pure Hedonist season. We've looked at partying, at pornography, and this time the topic is 'All the Lovers'. With a title like this you'd be silly to miss out. Starts at 7.30pm and there'll be a great time of worship before we delve into the topic Martin is teaching on. 

Other things to flag up:

WHY CITYGATE! If you've started coming to Citygate recently and want to stick around, or if you've been here for ages and haven't got round to it yet, this is the course for you. This is the membership course to join the church, and along the way you get to meet the church elders who you've possibly only seen from a distance, but also hear what makes about what makes us tick, and what we think God has called us to. It's fairly exciting. See Facebook for more info! 
...if you don't sign up I may just keep shouting Why Citygate at you/spam your email addresses...mwahahaha!

(As you may be able to tell, I am feeling rather chilled and full of beans after Christmas!)

BURNS NIGHT is another thing thing I may start spamming you about. If you were at the Welcome Meal back in October you'll have experienced the fine dining experience of the wonderful Student and Twenties Team. Well we're back again, but this time with a Scottish twist. Think haggis and poetry, and throw on your suits and dresses. A bargain at £5 for an evening of entertainment. 

Finally, IN BUDE
This I am definitely going to start spamming people about, slipping into conversation and I may even get some stickers that I can put on your forehead to stop you forgetting. Basically, it's a weekend in Cornwall, with your friends, and with God, and some people who are guna teach you a bit more about God. 
Stay in self catering chalets, and explore Cornwall over a weekend. 4th - 6th March BUT you need to book in by the end of January and places to stay are running out.

So, get yourself organised, sorted and ready to launch into the new year. We're ready and raring to go, so get on board.

Lots of love from Vicki xxx


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