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Monday, 20 December 2010

Sundays are FUN DAYS!

It was 19th December, six days til Christmas, and it wouldn't surprise me if almost everyone is suffering from 'hurry sickness'. For anyone running around attempting to buy presents, wrap presents, see people, send cards, make food, and put up decorations as well as a billion and one other things, yesterdays morning service was pretty applicable. 

Guy spoke to us about how to deal with 'hurry sickness' at Christmas, and with Sean leading worship, we had a great morning celebrating Jesus. With joy and dancing, we worshipped for much of the morning as the snow fell outside. It was a lovely time of seeing some people who are often at a different service, and there was a great buzz in the building, as the festive atmosphere, and the joy of God filled the place. 

With lots of students away back at their home towns and churches, and several twenties away doing fun things, or being ill, we were few in number. A few of us cooked a roast dinner, I think some people just had a nice and chilled extended afternoon as church had started at 10.30am!

The evening saw the wonderfully talented Citygate Choir out, as well as lots of us, and a good few guests too. In fact, the building was packed, and everyone sang some beautiful carols and Guy spoke about the answer to Christmas, and to suffering, and the hope that we have in Jesus. Good stuff it's safe to say!

With mulled wine, tea, coffee and bucket loads of mince pies and marshmallows everyone gathered in the Shaw Suite and outside with big bonfires to socialise and catch up with each other. Under the snowy trees with mulled wine in hand, and a mince pie, stood before a hearty fire it was rather impossible to not feel festive. 
A trip to the Lynton finished the day of nicely, and it was packed with lots of people all very chatty! Was great to see some the faces of new people amongst us yesterday, braving the snow, and the faces of some people we don't see very often! In fact it was pretty great to just see people...

Anyway, with snow still on the ground, I know some people are struggling to get home, or where they want to for Christmas, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE message me if that's the case for you and you find yourself stranded in Bournemouth! 

If there is anything we can do for you over Christmas, let me know. We're here to help, in good times and bad so just contact me. We're your friends, and love you, so whatever it is, make sure you give one of the student team a shout!

So, Christmas Day and Boxing Day (and also January 2nd) there will be just ONE MEETING. At 10.30am!!
If you're around we'd love to see you to do some serious celebrating of the things that God has done in our lives over the past year. 

Whatever you are doing over Christmas, whichever city you find yourself in, whatever traditions you may have, whatever food you eat, I hope that you do it knowing the love and joy of the King. 

I would just like to personally say, I wish you all an incredible Christmas. This past term has been an amazing time for me, and hopefully for you too as we've seen so many join us, and so many stepping into more of what God has in store for your lives. 

You are a blessing to be around and I hope that the coming 2011 brings blessings to you and those that you love. I hope you continue to meet with us, and I encourage you, continue to seek God in your life, and for your town. We're on the edge of something of great, great magnitude, so lets not lose it because we ate to much at Christmas and got a little apathetic.

So, have a very, very, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

With lots of love 

Vicki xxxxxxx

PS hopefully see some of you at the final PPP of the year tonight! x

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