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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sunday and Monday

Now, it's not to say that exciting things don't happen on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday's just that Sunday tends to be 'church' all day. And Monday nights are normally fairly signifcant as well.

This week with the weather not being in our favour, we returned to trusty O'Neill's for lunch. Greg Haslam, the leader of Westminster Chapel had been visiting us and peached over both the morning services. A fantastic time with Greg, we were very blessed by his message. Last Sunday was also the second Sunday of the Gift Week for the building project. Certainly a challenge to stir us!

Lunch was a fun affair, with around 60 or so people crammed into O'Neill's. In some ways it was rather foruntate they had no draughts! Certainly meant that there wasn't lots of competition for food. With Citygate not finishing until the afternoon was well under way, it was about 4pm when lunch had finally begun to draw to a close and people headed off to work, revise, and relax for the afternoon.

Seemed as if everyone had a great afternoon, and lots of you were out at the pub in the evening too! ...You can see why I said that Sundays are effectively a whole day of being Church together.

Last night, two of our elders Andrew and Russell visited PPP (I reckon they're just jealous we have so much fun on a Monday night!) and gave us some teaching under the heading of 'Angels and Demons'. It was great to see around 45 of you out and about, ready to listen and engage. I hope the night proved interesting, and has challenged the way you live! If you've still got questions, make sure they don't go ignored.

With such a busy couple of days, and a rather late night last night (oops!) you'll be pleased to hear that the week ahead isn't looking so busy.

Next week all ladies are invited to an evening of films and food in Charminster on Tuesday (check Facebook for event info) and on the Saturday we'll be having an open mic night with BCC over in Winton/Moordown area.

Also make sure that you sign yourself up to LOST in the City and buy your ticket by transferring pennies! Again check Facebook for more info.

If you need us, James and I are the only at the other end of the phone/computer etc.

Happy Tuesday Friends

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