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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Roped Together to Climb a Mountain

Church, when you consider what it is, is in many ways, a strange idea. People from every strata of society, every corner of the earth, and with interests so varied they're almost polar opposites. And yet, that's the Bride of Christ. There's something beautiful about the church, but it requires unity, and love, and a softness of heart, that we would have the grace to get along and run with what God has called us to.

Obviously this is much 'in the headlines' with the Gift Week we are currently in, but I think that the picture of each person roped to another, together climbing a mountain is a very helpful one. We rely on each other, our progress is not about the one, but about the collective. We move together, and climb together.

Students and Twenties are roped together, but we're also roped to the wider church too. And so we should be. It was great to hear of so many attending Why Citygate - get stuck in ASAP! It's vitally important to you, and to the church.

Last night, we gathered together with our friends at Gateway Church in Poole for a prophecy workshop. Pete from Gateway led is in an incredible time of worship, before Rich gave some guidelines and direction for the evening. Gathering in groups we then began to pray and prophecy over each other, for some it was the first time doing anything like this, for others it was a great chance to grow as you didn't know the people you were prophesying over. A really great training evening, which hopefully blessed all that took part, and gave you increased boldness and confidence to move in the prophetic.

Lets keep meeting together, encouraging one another and helping others to climb the mountain with us.

I'm excited to see what's ahead. You should be too!

Vicki x

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