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Monday, 16 May 2011

BBQs and Birthdays

This week saw both Joel turning 18, and me turning 20. Definitely an excuse to have probably our biggest BBQ of the year yet. Out to Mill Lawn, which is rather becoming a bit of a Citygate spot, and with the two big fire pits cooking huge amounts of food, the BBQ was soon well under way.

But let me rewind...the weekend actually began much earlier than at a social. Saturday night was Five Smooth Stones; our big worship evening that we hold every other month. This one was stripped back, and with Tom Bettinson leading worship, the night got off to a good start I understand. Sadly I wasn't there but from what I hear it was a powerful night full of God's grace. Louis Giglio's 'Fruitcake and Icecream' video was watched, and the presence of God was overwhelming.

Saved by grace, and not by what we do? Well we ALL need to be continuously reminded of that fact.

Sunday morning was then the start of our Gift Week. The Citygate Centre, our building project is very much visible over near the Lansdowne Asda and so as we look at financing such a task, God's calling us to sacrifice and to give for His glory. Guy spoke from Romans, continuing our series that began in the New Year, and as we focussed on mountains to climb, there was a wonderful opportunity to respond and get prayer for endurance and grace in trouble and suffering.. The love of God was in the place.

With all of that as a background for the BBQ, it was bound to be a good afternoon. Sprawled across the grass, some wrapped themselves in blankets, others in hoodies... the weather wasn't quite what we were hoping for, but we did have some huge fires to keep us warm. With football, rugby, and then a walk across the forest, it was a great afternoon. Susan and Sarah were rounded up by horses, and possibly chased (has the story become a little more dramatic than we first assumed??) and the guys left by the BBQs fed some of the rather friendly ponies some left over food.

To the pub in the evening to round up another rather wonderful Citygate Sunday.

Tonight, we'll be with our friends over at Gateway Church in Poole for a prophecy workshop. Come along if you want to practice, and to grow, it's definitely going to be a good night!

With much love

Vicki x

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