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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The March of Unity

Around 50 of Citygate's Students and Twenties have just returned from sunny Cornwall. Gathered in Bude from Friday to Sunday, we were with around 300 Students and Twenties from across the Southwest Region, reaching from Southampton to Bristol, to Plymouth.
The intention of the weekend was a time of teaching and fellowship, and I can confirm we were well taught, and enjoyed great fellowship. 

Leaving on Friday, cars packed tight with luggage and people, it took three and a half hours to drive to Bude. Now, I quite enjoy a bit of travelling, but even I've got to admit, it was rather lovely as we drove along the country lanes that wind through the West Country. 

Arriving on site, houses were sorted, keys collected and people settled in, with time to cook dinner and have a cup of tea before the evening meeting. The sessions were led by Matt and Grace Hosier of Gateway Church Poole, which is just down the road from us, and Julian Adams was a great guest from Manchester, bringing a great prophetic edge to what God was doing. 

The first evening we spent in extended worship, enjoying the presence of God and being together. Bright and early next morning, it was great to see a huge number of Citygaters at the prayer meeting, ready and raring to seek God and eagerly ask for His blessing on what turned out to be a fantastic day. Was lovely to see us leading the way in prayer and petition, and being loud about our praise. 

Saturday morning kicked off with more extended worship, which led into a preach by Julian Adams, focussed on shame and guilt. We were quite rightly challenged to stop living under the condemnation of shame, which only breeds religious fa├žades, and instead to live authentically before one another. Applicable to you whether you were there or not!

With Saturday afternoon given as free time, some headed off to get on with Uni work, some to play football, wonderfully organised by David Priest, and some headed off to use the site facilities, including a pool and sauna.
A big group of us drove a little further down the coast, into Bude town centre before splitting and deciding to drive to the beach. Around twenty of us drove along the cliffs to a beautiful beach called Widemouth Bay, and spent several happy hours, being chased by kites, climbing through rock pools and taking photos before getting a lovely Cornish Cream Tea back in Bude. 

A rather quick dinner ensued, and then back to the main evening meeting. Another fantastic time of worship and freedom, before Julian Adams spoke on the Kingdom of God and reminded us that God is large and in charge. Prophetic words were then brought, some for people in Citygate, and God reminded us of how well he knows each and every one of us; intimately and perfectly. With a time of ministry, and prayer, God changed hearts, brought freedom and helped to set people's eyes once again on Him!

The rest of the evening involved a pirate disco. Cheesy as it sounds, I understand that everyone enjoyed dressing up and have a bit of a dance, and getting to know some people from the other churches a little better. I think pirate costumes should certainly be used once again so I'm expecting pirate themed events to be organised to get the full use of dressing up clothes.

All too soon Sunday came around and it was our final meeting. Worship was powerful, with prophetic words about the South West Students and Twenties being an army, marching for God's glory, it was great to hear that each of us has a purpose and a job to do. We were reminded that to achieve anything we need to be unified, and I'd echo that by encouraging you all to love each other and be gracious, just as we have been show grace.

Matt Hosier spoke to us from Daniel 3 and the story of Shadrach, Mesach and Abednego, and God met powerfully with many, bringing more freedom; from idols, disappointment and grief. 

Back to houses to pack up, clear up and hopefully not set fire to cookies in the microwave like I did. A long drive back to Dorset, and a weekend well spent.

The question now, is, 'Should we do it again?'


  1. Nice work Vickie, I like. And OH YES! let's do it again!


  2. My dear Vickie your gift of writing is just amazing!!! I love it to read your stories!!
    and i'm definitely looking forward to next year!!!:-D