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Monday, 28 March 2011

An hour lost, but light gained

Obviously everyone is aware that this weekend was the official start of British Summer Time, and, as a result, the clocks sprung forwards by an hour in the early hours of Sunday morning. If you're anything like me, the prospect of losing an hours worth of sleeping was not a thrilling prospect. Nevertheless, with another day of sunshine, and the opportunity to wear flip flops, the long awaited winter chill appears to be disappearing.

The past week with Citygate's Students and Twenties has been a fun one. With James on holiday we've had a little break from any form of official PPP on a Monday, but tonight we'll be back, Bible's in hand to worship God, hear some teaching and get praying.

The weekend saw Students and Twenties girls having 'Tea in the Park'. Saturday afternoon was the prime time to take a picnic, made of cream teas, strawberries and lemonade into Bournemouth gardens to enjoy some time together and the rather lovely surroundings in which we live. With a great group of people, we spread the blankets, poured the tea and chatted until it was too cold to function. With the help of Ellie Hamer, we retired to St Swithuns and stuck a film on to while away the hours before Saturday evening's entertainment.

Saturday night was our bi-monthly Five Smooth Stones. The past series we looked at what it is to be a Hedonist, but instead of being consumed with the world and the flesh, being consumed with Jesus and the joy we find in Him, whilst still be relevant to a culture that desperately needs the hope of the Gospel. This weekend we kept it simple, with acoustic worship, wonderfully led by Tom Bettinson and Andy Oates, and then time to take communion together and pray for each other. God's spirit was with us as we continued in more worship, and several prophetic words were brought about being authentic about who you really are, as well as trusting that Jesus is enough for every situation.

Sunday morning arrived, with many people a tad bleary eyed due to the clock changes. Second service was absolutely jam packed and it was exciting to see more new faces with us. We do hope that they'll be joining the family!

Nando's for lunch, and some serious chicken eating. A great chance to see a little more of the town for those who spend their life in Lansdowne and Winton.

Sunday night, with the beginnings of summer, it seemed fairly apt to return to Reef Encounter for the usual Sunday night pub social. Near Boscombe pier, the opportunity to sit outside with blankets, and the added bonus of a pile of board games meant a great evening. A fair few people bought cups of nuts which led to a few fights, and several nuts thrown at people's heads or in drinks... Still, all is fair in love and war...

After a packed few days, we're continuing with our usual line up of events with Monday night PPP, Wednesday morning guys prayer, Wednesday and Thurdsay evening cell groups, Saturday night Cafe 29, and  Sunday morning student girls breakfast, Students and Twenties :Lunch and then the pub in the evening.

That should be enough to be getting along with for now!

Why not take this week to make dinner for some friends and invite people over. Get people to chip in to keep costs down, and get to know people you're not the best of friends with...yet.

Enjoy your week and see you all soon!!


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